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Where have I seen this before?
We're trying out new names for the new guy, Liam doesn't fit his personality. We're calling him Juniper lately but I'm not so sure it's right for him either. Robert likes the name Ruckus because that describes what he's inflicting on the house and the other cats living in it. Devastation might be another pick further down the road if this keeps up.

He's definitely working on establishing his position as the alpha male which has caused all the other cats to go into hiding and I hope this is going to end soon because it's as though we're a one cat family right now.

Anyway, it turns out that he is down with this type of thing:

 photo Juniper006_zpsdef09f36.jpg

Which I wasn't quite expecting...

 photo Juniper007_zpsbc3911bb.jpg

He's got the legs of a gazelle...

 photo Juniper004_zps0f7d38c5.jpg

And when he isn't intimidating the cat herd, he's a sweet little easy going cat.

 photo Juniper001_zps3163dc35.jpg

Burlap Covered Box
Make Stuff Up
I crafted this little box today out of a plain old corrugated cardboard box, and I'm using it to store stuff and things.

 photo BurlapCoveredBox006_zpsed5657ec.jpg

I put a really brief quasi-tutorial here for those who are interested.

Wait, what?
How is it possible that this guy is a street musician, and not some incredibly rich super star with a record deal?

Also, how is it possible that people walking by aren't completely mesmerized and paying any attention to this flawless talent? I would pay good money to see this guy in concert.

My God, this guy...
 photo Rufus22_zps96869297.jpg

So we're having an ice storm...
Angry duck
 photo IceStorm2013001_zps2d9e75c9.jpg

 photo IceStorm2013006_zpse52a3be9.jpg

 photo child_crying-1_zps77136eff.jpg

On the bright side, Robert was removing the solid chunks of cement that the city throws at the end of the driveways, and a Ford 150 with a snow blade attached on the front of his truck went by. He threw it into reverse and then pushed a thousand pounds of compact snow and ice up onto the snowbank, saving Robert at least 2 hours of shoveling and a heart attack.

We stood there stunned as we watched this Christmas miracle unfolding before our very eyes, and were all

 photo child-shocked_zps981790be.jpg

Who cares how you wrap your gifts, seriously?
Wrong Things
Yeah, nobody does.


Every year I change my wrapping theme but it's always rustic, I always use kraft paper, and it always impresses people. I always tell them that the wrapping presentation is better than what's actually in the box. (True)

Here's what they all look like this year, except for the ones that have nibbled star points, and I really hope whoever nibbled them got a salt dough overdose and felt less than great for a little while.

 photo ChristmasStarWrap009_zps1fa9afb9.jpg

This and that.
I am still not allowed to lift anything over ten pounds, and do you know what weighs more than ten pounds? Everything. Like the Brita water jug for example.
I do not like having anyone doing anything for me that I can do for myself so all of this 'would you mind passing the vacuum?' or 'can you make the bed?' and 'can you carry this?' is getting really old.

It snowed 35 centimeters over the last twelve or so hours and normally I would be out there shovelling but I'm looking out the window watching Robert handling all of it and I'm wishing I could help because shovelling after the first major snowfall is really fun, especially right before Christmas.

I am ashamed to say that I was a big ole baby while I was in the hospital and cried over the fact that I was barfing so much, and that my hand blew up and hurt from a bad vein that had an IV plugged into it, and then again when they flushed out my IV in a different vein and they plunged the syringe so damn hard that I could see the vein swell up from the gusher. Call the whaaaambulance.

I got home and the first thing I did before I even got my coat off was to puke in the sink because the toilet was a foot further away.

I spent the next two weeks in bed, getting up only to use the bathroom and grab things like yogurt and packaged chocolate pudding and thinking that five days without a shower was perfectly fine.

I feel a lot better now, but TEN POUNDS! Everything weighs more than ten pounds!

On the lighter side, here is Rufus sporting a turtle neck sweater which slays my face off.

 photo IMG_2077_zps8463c29f.jpg

This cat is so laid back.

I'm desperate, please help
I have been caring for this abandoned cat since April. I rescued him from the street when I saw him kicked in the head before I could run out and stop it from happening. He was unconscious when I got to him. He has recovered and while I am completely attached to him, I can't keep him as I already have five cats, three of which were homeless when they found me. I really can't take on another cat, even though I care deeply about him.

He truly would make a loving pet. He is neutered, friendly, affectionate, good natured and gets along with other cats once he gets to know them. He will sit in my lap to be pet and would lie there all day if I let him.

With the cold weather coming, I want him indoors. I have been trying to get him adopted, but I have no option other than a shelter that euthanizes because I really can't bear to watch him suffer through the winter.

If you can help in any way, please message me. I have posted his info online with Petfinder and with a shelter website, but have had no luck.
 photo Maxim_zpsefa0f15c.jpg

Thanks in advance.

Of interest to cat owners
Wrong Things
After a seemingly unending search for a very small mat to put in front of my patio doors, I purchased what I thought was a temporary fix - namely a really cheap half circle outdoor jute mat. While I loved the look of it, I felt it was inappropriate for indoor use.

Lo and freaking behold, it's become a completely indestructible cat scratching 'post', and try as she will, Annabelle can't destroy it in the least, AND SHE'S STOPPED TRYING TO KILL THE CLUB CHAIR I paid $500 to reupholster. Joy! Serendipity!

Also, of interest to no one.

I am lazy so I buy almost everything online, and today, I needed A PEN THAT WRITES and found a few I like on the Staples website (Bureau en Gros if you're in Quebec, and how in the world 'office wholesale' somehow translates to 'staples' I'll never know.).

I am in the process of ordering these items that I can't get at the store, and I decide to have it sent to my local Bureau en Gros because I actually like browsing through stationery stores, and I'm cheap so I figure I'll save on postage.

They want $15 to ship my order to my local Bureau en Gros store. Really?

Go home, Staples - you're drunk.

Probably only of interest to me. And anyway, is there anyone really out there?
For the life of me, I just can't walk by a vintagey looking advertising tin with fabulous graphics and leave it there. Yesterday I found this beauty filled with pure junk geometry instruments, but for $5, who the hell cares?

Helix Oxford Tin photo BootiesampTins002_zps06bb97d4.jpg

It just so happens that I stumbled upon a geometry set that belonged to my father and it's ancient and high quality and now they have a new home.

This is a tin

Crayola Tin photo BootiesampTins003_zpsbc5a8e7d.jpg

I coveted so much that I agreed to pay over $10 plus shipping on eBay even though I knew that it was worth $2.59 at any Cracker Barrel in the United States or in limited stores anywhere and everywhere in Canada other than Quebec because the advertising lacks French and thus makes Francophones cry, and therefore is illegal to sell here. I will let you know if I am arrested for owning this contraband if it ever comes to that.


I didn't realize that a package of crayons came with it and my God, I dare you to smell a package of Crayola crayons and not be immediately transported back to your little five year old self. Oh, the nostalgia of it all!

Edit I just noticed that Binney & Smith mention Paris on their advertising, and oh my god, the irony, it burns.

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