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Buddah and spiders
Scratch Things
I was raised hardcore Roman Catholic, dragged to church every Sunday without fail, and resented it when I became a teen. When my mother told me she wouldn't be dragging us to church anymore once we reached sixteen years of age, I prayed to God to make my sixteenth birthday come sooner. The day I turned sixteen, I never went back to church on Sunday.

Being a total hypocrite, I got married in the Roman Catholic church, and later on I baptized my son there. When it came time for him to make his first Communion, and later on his Confirmation, he remained home, uncommunionized and unconfirmed while all the other Roman Catholics brought their seven year olds to church, wee little bride girls dressed in white and wee little groom boys dressed in uncomfortable suits.

My mother must have been appalled that I neglected to Roman Catholicize my son, but she never shared her horror with me. I guess she was at least satisfied that he was baptized so that God knew he existed. Whatever.


I have been studying Buddhism and I'm all down with it because it makes sense to me and I am on board with his teachings. Yesterday, I listened to a Buddhist speak of living in the moment, being mindful of what may be seen as inconsequential or unimportant, taking notice of and appreciating what is often taken for granted.

With that in mind, this morning I noticed a spider spinning a web on my clothesline, and I realized that I hadn't ever really payed much attention to or really watched a spider construct his web for longer than a few seconds. I stood there and watched this spider spinning the hell out of his web for a good fifteen minutes and man, these guys put bees to shame in the busy department. I went out and checked on my spider (yes, he's mine now) during the day to see if he'd caught anything but all he'd trapped was some unidentified fluff. All that hard work still hasn't paid off and damned if I'm not looking for a bug to to fling in his web and feed the little bugger.

I just got back from checking Spidey and noticed a second spider has spun a web but this one? This one looks like it's suspended in thin air in the middle of my yard. I am boggled and agog. There is nothing remotely close by to anchor a web and I have been trying to find the supporting threads and, well, they are invisible. What the what? How in tarnation?

Anyway, I will not be doing laundry until my spiders move on from the clothesline and thin air because I have a new respect for these hardcore industrious little guys, and I don't want to be a homewrecker.

I don't know how long it's been since I posted here and what I come up with after a longish absence is: spiders.

Riveting, I know

Too much time on my hands...
Scratch Things
I have been on the phone dicking around with the 'Microsoft' scammers from India behind the ammyy.com bullshit and I am fucking with them because they came thisclose to scamming my 89 year old father who spent hours on the phone with them but ultimately wasn't able to follow their instructions which would have let them gain access to his computer remotely and wipe him out financially.

So anyway, I am playing the part of this completely computer illiterate numbskull and it's so fun to be jerking their chain.

'Oh no! I have bad stuff on my computer? And you can fix it? Oh, thank goodness!'

They are trying like mad to guide me through their fraud and I'll ask them to repeat what they said, and then I'll say 'YOU'RE BREAKING UP!' and hang up and they'd call me right back. I've told them I'm 'no good at computers' but those good people at Microsoft are trying really hard to fix the bad things that infected my computer!

They were telling me to open up shit and I'd play along and they'd say, 'Now type this into the box.' and I'd be like, 'Oh no! The box closed on me all of a sudden! I hit the X. Should I have hit the big X?' and they'd patiently start over again and then I'd say, 'Oh! Hold on a minute! My cat is fixing to be sick on my carpet!' then I'd hang up and they'd call right back again.

They tell me to open a browser and I say 'What's that?' and they tell me to type an address into the address bar and they're saying 'M like mother' and I say 'Brother?' and then they say 'Now type in .com' and I say 'OK, you mean d like david, o like orange, t like tiger?' and they say, 'No, just type a period.' and I say, 'OK, so I removed all the other stuff and now I just have a period in there. Now what? Press enter? '

They're telling me to press the Windows key together with the R key, and I'm saying, 'What's a Windows key? I have a wavy flag key, and I have a key that looks like a sun on it, oh, and this key that looks like a cell phone tower. I have this other key which...I don't know what that picture is supposed to be...'

If it was me at the other end of the phone, I would be committing suicide but these people have real staying power.

I better go! The phone's ringing again!

Altered Scrapbook Cover
Make Stuff Up
I made this scrapbook cover for Justin's photo album today. It only took me 20 years to do this.

 photo ScrapbookCover012_zpsbd65e828.jpg

Lace Baby Cardigan
Make Stuff Up
I knit this little sweater this week.

 photo MossBabyLaceCardi004_zps5421f206.jpg

More photos here.Collapse )

Where have I seen this before?
We're trying out new names for the new guy, Liam doesn't fit his personality. We're calling him Juniper lately but I'm not so sure it's right for him either. Robert likes the name Ruckus because that describes what he's inflicting on the house and the other cats living in it. Devastation might be another pick further down the road if this keeps up.

He's definitely working on establishing his position as the alpha male which has caused all the other cats to go into hiding and I hope this is going to end soon because it's as though we're a one cat family right now.

Anyway, it turns out that he is down with this type of thing:

 photo Juniper006_zpsdef09f36.jpg

Which I wasn't quite expecting...

 photo Juniper007_zpsbc3911bb.jpg

He's got the legs of a gazelle...

 photo Juniper004_zps0f7d38c5.jpg

And when he isn't intimidating the cat herd, he's a sweet little easy going cat.

 photo Juniper001_zps3163dc35.jpg

Burlap Covered Box
Make Stuff Up
I crafted this little box today out of a plain old corrugated cardboard box, and I'm using it to store stuff and things.

 photo BurlapCoveredBox006_zpsed5657ec.jpg

I put a really brief quasi-tutorial here for those who are interested.

Wait, what?
Scratch Things
How is it possible that this guy is a street musician, and not some incredibly rich super star with a record deal?

Also, how is it possible that people walking by aren't completely mesmerized and paying any attention to this flawless talent? I would pay good money to see this guy in concert.

My God, this guy...
Scratch Things
 photo Rufus22_zps96869297.jpg

So we're having an ice storm...
Angry duck
 photo IceStorm2013001_zps2d9e75c9.jpg

 photo IceStorm2013006_zpse52a3be9.jpg

 photo child_crying-1_zps77136eff.jpg

On the bright side, Robert was removing the solid chunks of cement that the city throws at the end of the driveways, and a Ford 150 with a snow blade attached on the front of his truck went by. He threw it into reverse and then pushed a thousand pounds of compact snow and ice up onto the snowbank, saving Robert at least 2 hours of shoveling and a heart attack.

We stood there stunned as we watched this Christmas miracle unfolding before our very eyes, and were all

 photo child-shocked_zps981790be.jpg

Who cares how you wrap your gifts, seriously?
Scratch Things
Yeah, nobody does.


Every year I change my wrapping theme but it's always rustic, I always use kraft paper, and it always impresses people. I always tell them that the wrapping presentation is better than what's actually in the box. (True)

Here's what they all look like this year, except for the ones that have nibbled star points, and I really hope whoever nibbled them got a salt dough overdose and felt less than great for a little while.

 photo ChristmasStarWrap009_zps1fa9afb9.jpg


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