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Scratch Things
People are spending way too much time on the internet, or else they don't have anything to do.

I have thought this way for quite a while but nothing drove it all the way home to me until I opened a Pinterest account to keep track of ideas I would otherwise forget about.

You post a picture on a 'board' which you can categorize, but what I didn't realize is that people comment on your 'pin'. It's ridiculous, really. (I realize that the argument can be made that I myself am spending too much time on the internet or have nothing to do, as evidenced by the fact that I am taking internet time to keep track of crap I'd like to do/make at some point.)

For example I pinned an example of a well decorated votive that I'd like to duplicate at a fancy dinner at some point, and people actually take the time to say crap like 'What a great idea!' or 'Love this!' or 'Wow! Totally going to do this!' (By the way, you don't set a fancy table anymore, you 'create a tablescape.', what?)

I wonder if I'm supposed to take the time to reply to people, and leave a comment for them such as 'Thank you for liking a picture of something I found which I had nothing to do with in any way!' Am I a rude Pinterester for not responding, ever? I don't know!

I don't have an active Facebook account but there's another example. If you don't leave a comment, it seems as though at the very least, you need to 'Like' a post that says 'I hate waiting in line at Starbucks.' Both thumbs! Way up, bro!

What is this world coming to?

In other news, Justin was formally hired to go teach in a Communist country and will be fluent in Mandarin by this time next year.


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Since giving up Facebook for Lent, my free time has expanded exponentially.

I have a Pinterest account, after being invited by a friend, but I have quickly realized that I don't do much in the way of interest there. I am not crafty, being more musical in nature. I guess I could post pics of me playing the piano and/or composing.

Yay for Justin. I think...

I am going to continue to hope it turns out to feel like a yay for him since he's got to be there a whole year.

I hate to think of him unhappy and alone over there, hanging on by the skin of his teeth until he can put his feet back on Canadian soil.

I guess I should be hoping that he's going to hate to leave Taiwan because it's been such a positive experience for him.

A year spent out in a different culture with potentially a limited number of friends is tough. For you, too I suspect! On the other hand he may end up being the type of person that thrives in it.

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