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Since giving up Facebook for Lent, my free time has expanded exponentially.

I have a Pinterest account, after being invited by a friend, but I have quickly realized that I don't do much in the way of interest there. I am not crafty, being more musical in nature. I guess I could post pics of me playing the piano and/or composing.

Yay for Justin. I think...

I am going to continue to hope it turns out to feel like a yay for him since he's got to be there a whole year.

I hate to think of him unhappy and alone over there, hanging on by the skin of his teeth until he can put his feet back on Canadian soil.

I guess I should be hoping that he's going to hate to leave Taiwan because it's been such a positive experience for him.

A year spent out in a different culture with potentially a limited number of friends is tough. For you, too I suspect! On the other hand he may end up being the type of person that thrives in it.

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