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So we're having an ice storm...
Angry duck
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On the bright side, Robert was removing the solid chunks of cement that the city throws at the end of the driveways, and a Ford 150 with a snow blade attached on the front of his truck went by. He threw it into reverse and then pushed a thousand pounds of compact snow and ice up onto the snowbank, saving Robert at least 2 hours of shoveling and a heart attack.

We stood there stunned as we watched this Christmas miracle unfolding before our very eyes, and were all

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Oh baby, that's brutal. The miraculous F-150 driver is a well-deserved break, however. I'm very glad for you two.

"We're having an ice-storm; a sub-arctic ice-storm..."

Just glad no-one's been hurt. Have a good holiday (- crosses fingers).

Southern Ontario had it so much worse, their roadways were literally skating rinks, and 350,000 people lost power for up to 72 hours.

The Quebec ice storm of 1995 still beats them all.

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