Linda (lindapendant) wrote,

So we're having an ice storm...

 photo IceStorm2013001_zps2d9e75c9.jpg

 photo IceStorm2013006_zpse52a3be9.jpg

 photo child_crying-1_zps77136eff.jpg

On the bright side, Robert was removing the solid chunks of cement that the city throws at the end of the driveways, and a Ford 150 with a snow blade attached on the front of his truck went by. He threw it into reverse and then pushed a thousand pounds of compact snow and ice up onto the snowbank, saving Robert at least 2 hours of shoveling and a heart attack.

We stood there stunned as we watched this Christmas miracle unfolding before our very eyes, and were all

 photo child-shocked_zps981790be.jpg
Tags: done with winter

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