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Entries, she wrote.

To the best of her knowledge.

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Wait, what?
Scratch Things
How is it possible that this guy is a street musician, and not some incredibly rich super star with a record deal?

Also, how is it possible that people walking by aren't completely mesmerized and paying any attention to this flawless talent? I would pay good money to see this guy in concert.

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If that guy has a CD I will buy it. That's fantastic. Looks like I'm going to be spending some time a YouTube now.

Thank you for posting that. It's really, really good.

If you don't mind me hijacking your comments page, there was a study done a couple years ago where they got this world famous violinist to go to play on the street around several cities to see what the response of the public was, and very few people did actually stop to listen to him play arguably the most technically difficult piece for the violin. The interesting thing was that kids were mainly the only people who stopped to listen, or wanted to but were dragged away by their parents. I think it was one or two weeks later the violinist held a concert, and every single seat in the theatre was booked within a day of the concert being advertised.

It really says something about how people in general and as a culture view music and musicians. Mainly about names being more important than skill.

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