Linda (lindapendant) wrote,

Where have I seen this before?

We're trying out new names for the new guy, Liam doesn't fit his personality. We're calling him Juniper lately but I'm not so sure it's right for him either. Robert likes the name Ruckus because that describes what he's inflicting on the house and the other cats living in it. Devastation might be another pick further down the road if this keeps up.

He's definitely working on establishing his position as the alpha male which has caused all the other cats to go into hiding and I hope this is going to end soon because it's as though we're a one cat family right now.

Anyway, it turns out that he is down with this type of thing:

 photo Juniper006_zpsdef09f36.jpg

Which I wasn't quite expecting...

 photo Juniper007_zpsbc3911bb.jpg

He's got the legs of a gazelle...

 photo Juniper004_zps0f7d38c5.jpg

And when he isn't intimidating the cat herd, he's a sweet little easy going cat.

 photo Juniper001_zps3163dc35.jpg

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